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Sulphate In Dry Shampoo: All You Need To Know

Sulphate In Dry Shampoo: All You Need To Know

In this fast-paced world, most of us may not have enough time for proper hair care. In the mornings, when you are running late, a good hair wash is the last thing on your mind. This situation has led to the formulation of the dry shampoo – a quick and easy way to make your hair look non-greasy.

What is dry shampoo? How does it work?

The dry shampoo contains a waterless formula which absorbs the grease and dirt on your hair. Dry shampoo is usually available as a spray. Once you spray it on your hair, the oil in your hair becomes less noticeable, giving your hair the same look that washed hair would.

However, dry shampoo has got attention for another reason – one of its ingredients. Sulphate is a common ingredient in some dry shampoos. But why are people concerned about it?

Why is Sulphate a concern?

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Sulphate is a foaming agent that is responsible for the texture of the shampoo. The concern is that Sulphate is a harsh agent. Thus, shampoos containing Sulphates may not be suitable for people with certain types of hair – coarse hair, dyed hair, frizzy or damaged hair.

Sulphates work so aggressively that, they may strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture level. It makes the hair dry. In addition, if you have a sensitive scalp, Sulphate may irritate the scalp due to the dryness it causes. Thus, people with sensitive scalp are advised not to use products containing Sulphate.

What is the alternative?

What can they use instead? Worry not! Dry shampoo can be Sulphate-free too. Plenty of Sulphate-free dry shampoos are available. A dry shampoo without Sulphates still does the job, while not reacting with your scalp or causing dryness. There are several types of dry shampoos without Sulphates for people with sensitive skin, scalp or hair.

Sulphate-free dry shampoos offer a way for you to save time. At the same time, you retain the natural moisture level and shine of your hair. If your hair is anything like the ones mentioned above, you may want to try a Sulphate-free dry shampoo.


People with sensitive skin conditions (eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and the like), those who have dry or damaged hair and those who have subjected their hair to chemical treatments have to special care while choosing a dry shampoo so that it doesn’t irritate the skin/scalp. In these cases, a Sulphate-free dry shampoo can help.